See Bylaws extract below regarding eligible ages for players and fill-ins.


10.1 Generally, Player age is determined as at the 31 December of the current playing year. Specially, bylaw 9.6 must also be applied.
10.2 For 9 & Under competitions, the minimum Player age is determined as at the last day of the current competition or season.
10.3 Participants must provide their correct date of birth at the time of registering and failure to do so will result in ineligibility to participate in the Association's activities
10.4 Participants aged between 5 and 7 years are encouraged to participate in NetSetGO Activities Program.
10.5 Participants are only eligible to participate in certain age groups upon reaching and not exceeding the relevant age thresholds (Minimum and Maximum Age Requirements).
The Age Requirements for each age group are:
Age Group Minimum Maximum
9 & Under 6 Years 9 Years
11 & Under 8 Years 11 Years
13 & Under 8 Years 13 Years
15 & Under 10 Years 15 Years
17 & Under 12 Years 17 Years
Open 14 Years NA
10.6 Any individual, Team or Club who breaches Bylaw 10 will be subject to a loss of 4 points to the Team/s for each instance the Player takes the court. If the breach is bought to the attention of the of the Committee, Court Supervisors or Umpires, during a match, the Player must be removed from the court immediately. The Player may not be replaced until the next interval.