Club 9U NetSetGo Setup

Dear Clubs,


The NetSetGo registration for the 9U’s is separate to the Junior and Senior registrations.


If you haven’t already done so, the first thing you need to do is register your club as a Netsetgo centre.  You can do that under “Programs” > “Program Registration”.  For your 9U’s you will need to setup a “Go 8-10 Competition” program slot.  This covers registration for our Saturday 9U competition which is a NetSetGo "Go 8-10" Competition.

You can setup other programs as well if you want to run Activity/Skills programs for any 5-7’s.


Complete the details on “Program Settings” and submit your application.  Once you receive confirmation that your club is registered you need to go to “Programs” > “Program Registration” > “Registration Setup” and setup another online registration form for NetSetGo (similar to your Junior and Senior registration form).  This NetSetGo form is the one the 9U players need to register with if you want them to get a pack.  This will register them to your club and you can add the players to your teams on MyNetball for Saturday.


I does mean that your 11U-Open players will need to register via one link and your 9U’s via another link which may be a bit confusing. The NetSetGo registration is also slightly more expensive; (check Netball Victoria website for current fees).  The extra is to cover delivery of the pack to their home address.


Clubs can no longer manually register the 9U’s with NetSetGo. The only way to register to NetSetGo is online so if you want your 9U players to have a pack, this is the only way.

9 and under players can no longer be registered as juniors.


There’s more information on these steps via the NetSetGo and Netball Vic websites;


Here’s a link to the latest NetSetGo manual



Let me know if you have any questions.



Simon Grimes

Lillydale and Yarra Valley Netball Association

0434 434 117