Committee Descriptions

LYVNA Committee is made up of volunteers nominated by affiliate Clubs within the Association

The Committee is made up of 4 Executive positions and 3-7 general committee.

All Committee members are expected to assist with the running and coordination of all competitions, events and teams run by LYVNA. These include:

Saturday competitions
LYVNA tournaments
Representative teams
Attend monthly committee meetings

Executive Committee


Role - To ensure the efficient running of all operations of the association.
Executive Committee Member.
To manage and chair executive and annual general meetings.
Association representative at local, regional and state levels.
To be well informed of all Association activities.
Plan for the future of the Association.
To have a good working knowledge of the Association constitution, Association rules and duties of all office holders.

Vice President
Role - To support and mentor all committee members in the efficient performance of their roles
Executive Committee Member
Provide support to President and step in for the President where needed including chairing meetings
To be well informed of all Association activities.
To have a good working knowledge of the Association constitution, Association rules and duties of all office holders.

Role - Administrator of the Association providing coordination links between Clubs, Members, Committee and Netball Victoria.
Executive Committee Member
Keep Committee, Clubs and Members abreast of all relevant matters
Attend to all official correspondence in and out in a prompt manner
Attend to all general administration as required
Take and distribute minutes of meetings

Role - Responsible for the financial management of the Association.
Executive Committee Member
Maintain accurate records of current income and expenditure
Ensure monies received are banked correctly.
Making all payments and keeping records.
Prepare regular bank account reconciliations.
Prepare budgets for forthcoming year describing potential sources of income and expenditure.
Prepare annual financial accounts for auditing.
Pursue outstanding Club and Member’s fees

General Committee

Role - To ensure the Association fulfils all its obligations regarding player registrations.
To ensure the complete and accurate maintenance of Association membership for the season
To manage start of season registrations for new and existing Members
To provide Grading Convenor with full lists of each age group at the appropriate time
To ensure all registrations are with the appropriate bodies by the due date

Umpires Convenor
Role - To organise and coordinate all Umpiring requirements within the Association
Liaise with Club Umpires Convenors
Organise Saturday umpire rostering
Organise Tournament and Waverley umpiring
Organize & coordinate umpire courses
Recruit & coordinate umpire supervisors & badge trainers
Organise and coordinate badge testing

Coaching Convenor
Role - To provide support and guidance to all coaches over the season
Organise & coordinate coach courses
Assist Saturday Clubs / teams to find coaches
Mentor Saturday / Net Set Go coaches
Mentor and develop LYVNA representative coaches

Rep Team Coordinator
Role - To coordinate Representative teams, player and coaches.
Coordinate selections
Recruit member for Rep Team sub-committee
Assist Uniform and Equipment Officer to organise and distribute uniforms and equipment
Assist Coaches Convenor to appoint and mentor coaches
Organise tournament and Waverley entries
Attend training on a regular basis

Other General Committee Duties

NetSetGo Coordinator
Organise registrations and sessions
Recruit & support coaches & helpers

Grading Convenor
Organise grading night and grading committee
Organise grading of teams at the beginning of season
Organise grading rounds and adjustment of teams as necessary

Results Secretary
Enter Saturday scores into competition software
Review and report weekly on player eligibility
Update ladders and website

Equipment and Purchasing
Organise the acquisition of equipment for rep training and games
Liaise with cleaners, canteen manager and first aid office regarding their purchasing
Organise stock take at end of season

Uniform Manager
Organise the acquisition of uniform items
Co-ordinate the sale of uniforms and other items over the season
Organise stock take at end of season

Website/Social Media Editor
Manage the website and social media pages
Keep up to date and keep as a useful resource for all Association Members
Liaise with committee to acquire information

Organise all fundraising events throughout the year
Liaise with Rep Team Coordinator to organise parent helpers for BBQ and other Rep events

Organise and market corporate sponsorship
Organise and market Rep player sponsorship
Liaise with sponsors regarding promotions throughout the year

Facilities and Staffing Manager

Coordinate all repair and maintenance at the courts and pavilion
Point of contact pavilion cleaners, court cleaners, canteen manager and first aid