Resource Supplied by Katherine Shone (Sports Dietitian)

Snack Ideas for Netballers

In your Lunch Box                                         

Fruit eg Banana, Apple, Nectarines, kiwi fruit
Low Fat yoghurt (Frozen)
Tuna and Crackers                                                              
Cheese and Vitaweats
Homemade popcorn with dried fruit sprinkled through
Muesli Bar
Homemade Banana Muffins
Rice Cakes with Peanut butter

60 minutes Before Netball

Fruit Smoothie
Milo with low fat milk
Crumpet with Banana and honey
Weetbix biscuits topped with strawberry Jam
Toast with Jam
English Muffin topped with Jam
Raisin Toast with Jam

Immediately After Netball

Sustagen Sport/Milo/Up & Go
Melted Cheese Toastie
Yoghurt & fruit
Drinking Yoghurt
Tuna & crackers