LYVNA Representative Pathways

Why Stay and Play with LYVNA??

LYVNA’s motto when it comes to pathways is to ask “Why limit yourself to a pathway that only leads to one VNL team when with LYVNA you open your opportunities to all 10 VNL teams”.

When asked whether it mattered where you come from at VNL trials, a 2015 VNL coach stated, “It doesn’t matter where you come from, or who you played with, if you are good enough you will get picked”.

LYVNA’s record when it comes to producing talented netball players is proven and extensive. Our players have achieved great success at National, State, VNL and Representative Level.

VNL, State and National
LYVNA has an excellent track record when it comes to players getting selected in VNL teams.
In 2015 there were many ex LYVNA players playing for various VNL teams. Some of these include:

Ella Priestley- Blaze (South Croydon)
Sarah Hogan - Peninsular (SPJ)
Shannon Eagland - Ariels (Churinga)
Melissa Martinov - Blaze
Ashleigh Hardy - Saints (SPJ)
Lauren Tesoriero - Blaze (Mt Evelyn)
Steph Gibbs - Storm (Kilsyth East)
Jackie Cullimore - Blaze (South Croydon)
Brooke Goldsmith - Saints (Bimbadeen)
Ruby Tidd - Blaze (South Croydon)
Abbey Rutherford - Ariels (Croydon Hills)
Ashleigh Saunders - Blaze (SPJ/Montrose)
Serena Gibbs - Storm (Kilsyth East)

All these players completed their junior development with LYVNA Representative program before moving to a VNL club.

Abbey Rutherford and Ashleigh Saunders played in our 17U Team 1 in 2014 and Serena Gibbs is still currently playing in our 15U Team 1. The quality of our 15U coaching means that Serena has still wanted to continue playing with LYVNA even though she is in the VNL system.

LYVNA have a strong representation at VNL team DC Blaze. A DC Blaze committee member once said that they love having LYVNA players attend their trials as our players are always strong and come with great skills.

Our ex-LYVNA players don’t just make up the numbers in the VNL system but some are the elite.

Shannon Eagland is a former Vixen and represented Victoria in the Australian Netball League in 2015. Shannon played with LYVNA up to 17U
Ella Priestley has represented Victoria in the Australian Netball League in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Ella played with LYVNA up to 17U
Sarah Hogan was named 2014 GA of the year. Sarah played with LYVNA up to 17U
Abbey Rutherford was named 2015 MVP for Yarra Valley Gramma Ariels 19U team in her first year. Abbey played with LYVNA up to 17U and was part of LYVNA’s double premiership 17U team in 2014. From LYVNA to VNL MVP in one year!!

LYVNA have also produced an Australia Diamond player, Wendy Jacobson, who played WA for Australia from 2005 - 08 and started her junior pathway with South Croydon.

Representative Teams

Some of the recent successes LYVNA Representative teams have had include:
• Both our 17U teams are playing in the 17U Premier League Section 1 at Waverley Netball Centre. This is the highest 17U level at Waverley and is arguably the strongest 17U competition in the state. This is where the next crop of VNL players are drawn from. No other association has 2 teams in 17U Premier League Section 1.
• Both our 21U teams made the Grand Final in Tuesday Night Premier league sections in Autumn.
• Our 15U team 1 made the semi-finals in 15U Section 1 in the Winter competition at Waverley and are currently sitting 3rd
• Our 17U team 1 won both the Autumn season and Spring season Premiership in 17U Premier League Section 1 at Waverley.
• Out 17U team 2 was runner up in Spring in 17U Premier League Section 2
• Our 15U team 1 made both the Autumn and Spring semi-finals in 15U Section 1
• Our 13U team 1 won the 13U Section 1 premiership in the Spring season


LYVNA have always been strongly represented in the Dandenong Valley Regional teams with the vast majority of players in Dandenong Valley coming from LYVNA.

We also have had a lot of individual success with LYVNA players representing Victoria in the junior level in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
I could go on with more…..

This is a record that is the envy of many Associations that promote their “Pathway” as the best.

• LYVNA representative teams have always been strong at all levels.
• We constantly outperform other associations.
• Our 11U teams always finish in the top of the sections. Our 11U team 1 has won our tournament for approx. 10 years straight and 11U team 2 is constantly playing in the highest sections and regularly making the finals.
• Our teams (13U-17U) playing at Waverley Netball Centre have consistently made finals and we always have a strong representation in the section 1 sections.

• LYVNA have very highly accredited and experienced coaches in our representative squad. 
• We will have two 2015 VNL coaches in our 2016 squad and all our other coaches have many years experience coaching both on a Saturday and at Rep Level. 
• Unlike other associations, all our Rep coaches choose to coach because they have a passion for coaching and are not just parents willing to help out or players coaching because their association asks them to.
• All our coaches have a Netball Victoria coaching accreditation.
• We have a fantastic mix of experience and youth with a number of our coaches also playing at state level in their younger days.
• We have coaches that are highly qualified in physical and fitness development.

• We now have the new Pinks Reserve Regional Netball Facility at our home
• Our location is central and close meaning long drives to training is not required.
• All our teams train together on a Monday night at Pinks rather than spread out over a Sunday at multiple facilities. This means that our senior coaches are always there to help and guide the other coaches and the entire squads train as a group. Our junior teams (11U and 13U) get to interact and work with our senior teams. All this helps to develop our LYVNA team spirit.

• LYVNA is your association. It is made up of the clubs that play in our Saturday competition and by playing for LYVNA you are representing your club.
• LYVNA is a large and growing association that has huge resource of coaches, umpires, parents, clubs and committees dedicated to develop all our players to reach their potential.
• Our junior competition on a Saturday is the envy of many other associations with consistent high numbers and performance by many of our junior players and teams.
• Playing with LYVNA means you will play with your friends as well as the girls you play against on a Saturday. We pride ourselves in our LYVNA spirit and player loyalty and you will make lifelong friends at LYVNA.

So before you make the decision as to which pathway you choose, make sure you’re well educated on what these “so called” pathways will provide. 
Ask yourself:
What is their record of both team and individual player success?
What is the standard and accreditation of their coaches?
What is their success rate of players being selected in VNL teams - not just in their own VNL team but all VNL teams?
Am I limiting myself to one VNL club or should I keep my options open to all 10?
What’s the opinion of the other VNL clubs of the quality of the players coming out of this association?

LYVNA can provide an equal or better opportunity for development.
Our record and success suggests you will be better off to “Stay and Play with LYVNA”.