Umpire Badging


Are you looking to further your umpiring? Do you want to get accredited for an Umpire Badge?

Below are the steps required.



Minimum Requirements

  • Current Accreditation
  • Rules of Netball Pass Mark 70%+
  • Certificate for Foundation Umpires Course

Practical Umpiring Requirements

  • Confidence to control a club game
  • Communication skills - strong whistle, good voice & hand signals
  • Positioning along the sideline & behind the goal line to have a clear view of players movements in your area
  • Fitness for movement with the speed of play
  • Concentration throughout the game
  • Fair & consistent application of rules
  • Ability to identify & penalise both major & minor infringements
  • Basic competency to carry out procedures for game management - pre and post match checks and duties, stoppages & maintaining player safety



  • First the Umpire needs to approach their Club Umpire Convenor and requesting to be trained and considered for badging
  • When the Umpire shows competency of basic skill set (as above), the Club Umpire Convenor can nominate that Umpire for further enhanced skill training on senior games
  • The Club Umpire Convenor must discuss this nomination with the LYVNA Umpire Convenor before scheduling them for a match  
  • When Umpiring these Senior Games an Umpire Coach will offer advice to correct and improve skills to achieve further competency in their practical umpiring
  • Each Umpire will be helped to develop at his/her level of ability and when energy, effort and capability demonstrated, testing will be offered when they have shown consistent application of the required competencies

For more information about umpiring accreditation and badging, please click the link below.


Be the best that you can be!