Umpiring Requirements

1. Must hold current Netball Victoria Membership
2. 18+ must hold current Working with Children Card
3. Must have current accreditation: -
Rules of Netball pass mark 70% or more
& / or Foundation Umpires Course Certificate
Both valid for 4 years (effective 1/1/17)
4. Badged umpires for 9’s, lowest 11’s, 17’s & Open
5. Experienced Umpires for 11-1, 13-1 and 15’s – NO RUNNERS!
6. Supervisors/Supporters
a. Runners MUST BE available for whole game!
b. Must wear “WHITE” (no Club colours)
c. Not use whistle!
d. Be ready to offer feedback & assistance as needed
7. Umpires & Umpire Supporter/Runner MUST maintain your concentration & attention whilst Umpiring/Supporting throughout the game.
8. Umpires MUST be aware of roster when signing in for game time, against club/team no.
9. Umpires & Umpire Supporter/Runner MUST sign in 10 minutes before your rostered game
10. Must wear ‘WHITES’ when rostered to umpire – No Trackpants or leggings! (exception 9’s). 
11. Please do not allow anyone to distract you from your task 
12. SEND for a Supervisor if ANY problems occur during the game.
13. A non-playing Umpire MAY umpire up to 3 games per day BUT must have A BREAK between - NOT 3 in a row.
A playing umpire MAY umpire 2 games & Play BUT must have a BREAK between- NOT 3 in a row.
14. An Umpire MUST be physically fit & active to Umpire their rostered games! If for any reason an Umpire is unwell or injured, they should inform their Club Convenor to arrange a replacement. 
15. It is the Umpire’s responsibility to be able to perform to the best of their ability, to make fair & considerate decisions without bias.