LYVNA Tournament
Our annual Rep tournament will be running on Sunday 19th August 2018.

We have a great response from other associations and look forward to another successful tournament.

The tournament is the greatest individual fundraising event for our association. We will be having the canteen, BBQ, cake stall and running a raffle on the day. We are asking all parents to support the various fundraising during the day. This may mean you miss seeing your daughter play for one or two games but we need your support to help run the day. Please check the rosters for when you are rostered on.
Canteen Duty

Jenny Johnson (canteen manager) will be there on Sunday to run the canteen. If you are rostered onto Canteen Duty you will be serving at the canteen the same as we all do on a Saturday from time to time.

BBQ Duty

We are been blessed with volunteers who run the BBQ on the day but they will still need more help. If you are rostered onto BBQ Duty you may be required to serve, fill orders or cook.

Cake Stall

Please attend the Cake Stall if you are rostered on. We are asking all parents to donate to the cake stall. Your donations can include things like cakes, muffins, cup cakes, brownies, truffles, honey joys or any other sweets you wish. Can you please provide a list of the ingredients and if possible, prepare your dish in individual servings, individually wrapped. Please bring your cake on the day of the tournament.


We are also asking for donations to go toward a raffle. Donations can be any gift you wish eg. Chocolates, hair and beauty products, food, drinks, wine, champagne, beer, vouchers. Please bring your donations by Saturday 19th August to the Office at the Pinks Reserve Complex.