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Lilydale & Yarra Valley Netball Association, Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:37PM

Looking from Court 10 back to the pavilion

We need your help!!

Pinks Reserve Netball Covers Needs Your Vote.

Through the all your support and the player levies, we have managed to raise enough funds to construct part of our Court Covers project but we need your help to achieve our goal of covering 3 courts.

This is where our fantastic and large netball community can help. By logging into the Pick My Project website (see link below) and voting for our project you are helping us secure the funds we need to cover our Show Court 3.

In the words of Sue Gaudion "Wake Up Valley Netball"!! For too long the netball giant has sat around quietly while other sports with far less memberships get funding.

It's time for that to change by voting for this project.

Please share this with your members, families and friends so we can get the votes we need.

Pinks Reserve Court Cover Video!AvX4LxgFJij9vxlL_aiJO3z0iRFZ


Last updated: Wednesday March 13, 2019 4:31PM
Author: Simon Grimes